Comments and observation

1. Think the NHL is really jumping for joy over an Edmonton-Carolina Stanley Cup final?

2. Think the NHL is really jumping for joy over an Edmonton-Buffalo Stanley Cup final?

3. Bonds hit home run No. 715. Wonderful. Now that the long national nightmare is over -- and ESPN's "Bonds on Bonds" is, ahem, on hiatus -- can we get back to rooting about good things in baseball?

4. Ricky Williams is in the CFL. I'm chuckling ... you see, after playing college ball in Texas and pro call in Louisiana and South Florida, I'm going to love seeing him deal with late fall in Saskatchewan or Winnipeg. Bring your thermals, Ricky.

5. U.S. troops in Iraq are to get ethics training. This from the Bush-Cheney administration?


kansas brat said...

But doesn't Canada have a more leinent stance on drugs? That could make all the difference.

A golf clap for the ethics comment. Well done, sir!

kansas brat said...

We're going to Clayton, NC (outside of Raleigh) in July.

It will be interesting to see what the place looks like, if Carolina wins it all.

Or if they don't!