Can I get an "Amen" from the bobbleheads?

Yeah ... I know ... lame ... but bobbleheads are a new passion.

You work for a sports media company, you have to have all sorts of crap like this on your desk. Kind of like a badge of honor. So, amid the computer termainals and media guides, you will find ...

...A stuffed talking AFLAC duck wearing a White Sox batting helmet. (One has nothing to do with the other ... the duck was a gift from the Associated Press folks that transferred from New York and the White Sox helmet came from a cupcake. True story.)

...An Albert Pujols Chirstmas ornament. For the Cardinals fan in you.

...A Todd McFarlane sculpture of former 1960's and 1970's Montreal Canadiens star Yvan Cournoyer. That was from a co-worker who found it for $1.99 in South Bend, Ind.

...A set of four Milwaukee Brewers nesting dolls -- J.J. Hardy, Prince Fielder, Rickie Weeks and Bill Hall.

The bobblehead collection, though, is modest: Former Milwaukee Brewers star Cecil Cooper has been immortalized in sculpture as has 1970s Cincinnati Reds star shortstop Davey Concepcion, the latter picked up Wednesday when I drove to Ohio to meet Rob on his way to Arizona and watch the Cardinals lose to the Reds thanks to a walkoff homer by David Ross off Jason Bleepin' Isringhausen.

It's also contagious. Rob, possibly the biggest baseball fan I know, was on his way to Texas to see the Rangers and Mariners on Friday night ... Jim Sundberg bobblehead night.

Next up -- Sept. 2 and back to Milwaukee for Robin Yount bobblehead night.


Todd said...

Well, OK, but if he'd come a week later we could have taken in a Tulsa Drillers game AND he could have gotten a Travis Hafner bobblehead.

Hey, there might be time for you to get a ticket ;-)

kansas brat said...

Who doesn't love the bobbleheads? They rock. When you're looking for affirmation, all you have to do is ask them "don't you agree?", and they will happily nod their approval. Success!

But you can't have my Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk (standing inside Allen Fieldhouse) KU!

kansas brat said...

Bueller? Where you at?