Branching out

It is rare when I write about the ball you see on your left. But when you have an early-season game like this one, I just couldn't resist.

I enjoy, first and foremost, writing about hockey. Those who know me are probably saying to themselves, "No shit? Really?"

Frankly, I don't like hoops all that much. Working in the late 90s at ESPN SportsTicker -- now owned by, of all entities, the British Press Association -- I was able to do some side work as a stringer covering the New York Knicks and New Jersey Nets. I also covered the Mets, Yankees, Jets, Giants, Rangers, Islanders and Devils, so long as I was willing to give up a day off to do so.

As far as basketball goes, it's fun to see live when sitting in a press box, but I'm not about to throw down $55 to see the Bulls.

Maybe it's me. Maybe I'm the one missing something. After all, basketball is popular worldwide, whereas hockey ... well, let's say that you'll almost certainly never see a face-off in Guatemala or Qatar or Nigeria.

I stand corrected.

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kansas brat said...

But I need you to pay that $55 a Bulls ticket... for when I become the future ex-Mrs. Hinrich. The team will need the dough for the alimony split of his multi-year, $40something million contract renewal.

That's after the lawyer I hook him up with gets his cut. Evil, evil!!!