Looking back and ahead

It’s been a while, yeah yeah, yeah …

Looking back at 2008, there were many things that happened which have me not wanting to wait to boot this year out on its ass with good riddance.

Heading into 2009, though, I suppose reflection isn’t a bad thing, altogether. As ’08 closes, this was a year where I reconnected with a lot of people who many years ago I had nothing in common with. Facebook is a wonderful tool in many ways.

It’s also helped me meet new people, many who are very dear to me, and hopefully will remain so long after 2009 is gone.

This also has been a year of loss and doubt, personally. To those who have talked me down off the ledge – in many cases more than once – thank you. Many times I didn’t know if I would get through the tough times, the bad times, the sad times.

To everyone: I will always be there for you when you need it, 24-7-365. I never close.

While I am hardly a poet or lyricist, I like to see if there is a song that kind of neatly sums up the year on a personal note. I wish I’d discovered the Dropkick Murphys years ago …

I was at my weakest state
And you kept me pushing on
You gave me something to believe in
And it keeps me standing strong
These lessons that I've learned
These things I'll carry on
And when you're gone I'll honor you
Each day, however long …

Like an apple from the tree
you were lock jawed in your ways
A reminder of myself in those long forgotten days
Thought you'd stayed off my path
But I just couldn't see that the blood that's in your veins
Is the same that runs through me …

I had it all but lost my faith
And then you lead me to it
Today I'll carry on
I had it all but lost my faith
And now I've renewed it
These things I'll carry on

See you from the Winter Classic!

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