False hope

The respective sergeants-at-arms for the NHL and the union met over the weekend and more talks are planned for Tuesday.

Yeah. Thanks for the update and false hope. Does it matter? It’s another lost season as far as I can tell.

The first two months have been cancelled – right about the time where Roberto Luongo starts playing like he’s the second coming of George Hainsworth. Same for the Winter Classic – the league’s signature event, apart from the playoffs.

Even if, for example, a 50- or 60-game season is able to played, does it matter? Think back to last year when the NBA went to a condensed schedule because of a work stoppage. Teams were forced to play three games in three nights, and damned if it didn’t seem like there were more injuries.

If the labor issues don’t take down the players, torn ACLs and concussions can handle that, no questions asked.

I do hope it comes back. I miss watching and going. But unlike 2004-05, I won’t be crushed at all if the season is washed away. I’m used to this by now.

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