No freakin' kidding??

I don't watch a lot of television -- I'm more of a channel-hopper. But I really feel the need to weigh in on this ...

Commercials truly represent the dumbing-down of America.

There are two of them in particular. One is for Frank's Red-Hot, a sauce key to making the perfect order of Buffalo wings. The other is for Doritos -- you know, Saddam Hussein's guilty pleasure.

In the Frank's commercial, one chef blasts another with a fire extinguisher because the second one made wings with a sauce that's "more about heat than flavor." The Doritos commercial shows a college student trying to get bag of chips that doesn't quite make it out of the machine -- he crawls in the machine to get it.

Both commercials come with a warning: Don't try this at home.

REALLY?? If manufacturers think we are smart enough to use their products, how about giving us the credit NOT to mimic what we see on television.

Is anyone else annoyed by this or am I just blowing it out of proportion? Tell me what you think ... I'd like to know.

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