Yankee haters, rejoice!

They're 37-36. They're one-half game ahead of Toronto.

I guess $200 million just doesn't go as far as it used to.

For those who hate the Yankees, this is definitely a summer a rejoice in.

My problem is not so much with the Yankees, but their fans, many of whom seem to think the World Series belongs to them as a matter of divine right.

That notwithstanding, let's examine what they are: Old (18 players have at least 10 years experience; eight have at least 14 years). Slow (Tony Womack and Derek Jeter have 27 stolen bases; the rest of the team, just 19). Brittle (Randy Johnson suddenly looks 41 years old. Carl Pavano is too inconsistent. Kevin Brown is still, well, Kevin Brown).

Add six losing streaks of at least three games and despite the skids, the questions are asked: Will they make the playoffs? When will the Yankees start to look like the Yankees?

Not this year. And given the contracts they're saddled with -- Jason Giambi's, Alex Rodriguez's, and, yes, even Jeter's -- the Yankees may be looking like nothing more than a .500 team -- or worse -- for many years.

What do you think? I'd like to know.


kb said...

Dangit.. you make them sound so pitiful, now I'll have to be more sympathetic to them! Curse you, Igor! ;P

I especially like the "RJ suddenly looks". See what he gets for selling out?

"Igor" said...

you should know better .... never give a Yankee a break :)