One down, two to go

The Associated Press' Ron Fournier reported Monday something that should have happened a week ago.

Federal Emergency Management Agency director Mike Brown said he has resigned "in the best interest of the agency and best interest of the president," three days after losing his onsite command of the Hurricane Katrina relief effort.

"The focus has got to be on FEMA, what the people are trying to do down there," Brown told AP.

His decision was not a surprise. Brown was abruptly recalled to Washington on Friday, a clear vote of no confidence from his superiors at the White House and the Department of Homeland Security. Brown had been roundly criticized for FEMA's bearish response to the hurricane, which has caused political problem for Bush and fellow Republicans.

"I'm turning in my resignation today," Brown said. "I think it's in the best interest of the agency and the best interest of the president to do that and get the media focused on the good things that are going on, instead of me."

And not to keep the heat on him, presumably.

Your thoughts? I'd like to know.


The Secular Middle said...

You write that all as though he wasn't pushed.

"Igor" said...

No question he was pushed ... I was in a bit of a hurry; this is the equivalent of a brief :)

kansas brat said...

Another town, one more show?

Sorry, that was "one down, one to go".

kansas brat said...

... or maybe horse show season was starting.

"Igor" said...

you're just evil ... ;)

kansas brat said...

The school career counselor said "find something you're good at, and go for it!"