Dragging my way out of '05 ...

Just a few random thoughts headed into 2006 ...

... Good for Kansas City Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil to let his team know he was calling it quits at the end of the season. At 69, Vermeil decided family was more important. While any team can be like a family, it is not quite the same.

... There are WAY TOO MANY college football bowl games. Do we really need the Meinike Car Care Bowl? Bonus points if you can tell me who won and the final score.

... The Saints will play the 2006 season in Louisiana. As well they should. Now they seriously need to work on blowing that team up and starting over.

... There may be nothing more painful -- or comical for that matter -- than watching a kicker or punter make a tackle.


OK, so I have been terrible about updating this thing recently. The reason, oddly enough hasn't totally been because of the woman I have been seeing for the last six weeks or so ... it has been work.

With the New York desk shutting down on Jan. 15, more responsibilities are falling to us here in suburban Chicago. This is not a surprise. I knew this was going to happen coming in. Add that to writing assignments for the upcoming Olympics, and it makes for a very STRESSFUL life.

Up until a few days ago, I was in one of my poor sleep cycles -- couple hours here, stay up for a day, few hours there, stay up maybe a day and a half -- but thanks to better living through chemistry (Lunestra, to the rest of you -- Ha HA! Rest.) I have been getting some normal sleep in.

Don't get me wrong -- things are still great job-wise and all, but these next few weeks and months will be a test.


It's 15 hours, 57 minutes into 2006. How many resolutions have you broken?

The year 2005 was one of great change for me on so many levels. Started with a car wreck eight days in and says after I was named news editor of the paper I was working at in Eastern Connecticut. ... a four-month stop as an assistant news editor in Washington on business news desk (wasn't really horrible -- just not a challenge.) ... finished up here in suburban Chicago working in a field that probably suits me best.

To everyone out there ... Have a safe and happy 2006: may all the things you wish for come true.

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kansas brat said...

I don't know if Vermiel did the right thing by making an annoucement before the end of the season. All in all, it should not have mattered, since the Chefs should not have been in the situation that they needed someone to lose in order to get into the playoffs.

I don't know about the Saints staying in New Orleans... but you know the Texans have to be demoralized. How bad do you have to suck to have a worse record than a team sent out of their home stadium by natural disaster?

Would you really be any happier... if you had nothing to stress over?

Here's hoping 2006 gives you the opportunity to find out.

There's a hidden bonus in being all business the new few weeks. You'll find out if B-girl will weather the storm.

If she does, I'd say some new linoleum is in her future. Bwah!