A golden Finnish

I went 5-1 picking the quarter and semifinal men's Olympic hockey winners ... hmmm -- maybe there is a career in this?

SWEDEN-FINLAND: This quote from Finland's Saku Koivu explains in a nutshell how important Sunday's gold-medal game is for that country.

"It does make it bigger when you face Sweden. We feel that they always think that they're better than us," said Koivu, the Finns' leading scorer with eight assists and 11 points. "We've played against them so often for so many years, and I think every country has their opponent that they really want to beat.

"For us, it's Sweden."

Unlike our so-called athletes -- read: Bode Miller, Shani Davis, Michelle Kwan, Chad Hedrick, Shaun White -- the Finns buy into the team concept.

And yes, I know the "Flying Tomato" won gold and all, but trolling for a date from Sasha Cohen (hot, but reeks of being a princess) was fairly pathetic. I hear Spicolli in the back of my mind when I look at White.

But back to the Finns. No one gave them much chance with other teams like Canada, the Czechs, Russia and Sweden there. Instead, they have six of the top nine scorers at the games, and have given up just five goals in seven games.

Sweden is good. Finland is better. ... FINLAND 5, SWEDEN 0

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kansas brat said...

You should make a career of it! Most financial or planning consultants are equally qualified.

Now we just have to find you a sugah momma to finance your services. Profit!

Hey, even dorky redheaded kids need love, too. It may be the only time he'll see a woman. And if she gets too uppity for the Tomato, he can play it cool with a "yeah baby, you're important. But only worth silver. I'm golden." Ouch!