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I really have been slacking of late. Workouts have been dwindling to two times a week instead of four, and work has just been taking a toll thanks to three people who cannot write well.

One bright note is I will be going home to NYC in a couple weeks for my father's 80th birthday, and the obligatory trip to Peter Luger's on Long Island.

And again I missed predictions on the NHL semifinals. All that needs to be said is with three straight playoff shutouts for the first time in 60 years, Anaheim's Ilya Bryzgalov is going to be in for quite a payday.

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The Girl in Black said...

Hang in there, dear. It apparently is the season for trials. Supposedly we are to survive annoyance and come out enlightened. I just wish the lessons weren't so long.

This I write while waiting for the damn cable guy to show up and tell me nothing is wrong with my web service. Which seemingly resolved itself, AFTER I placed a service call. I am convinced there is a conspiracy afoot. Big suprise there, eh?

Early last week, we lose signal. Place a service call, can't get here for two days. Ok. The next morning, signal comes back on. Bonus! The day of the service call, I cancel it. Modem has been working for two days. The next night, we lose signal again.

Coincidence? I think not. Oh, and the suspicion to fuel my paranoia?

Each morning, even if we lose signal in the evening... the modem works fine. So for some inexplicable reason, something gets blocked or turned off whenever they are thinking about it.

Of course, the cable company is very helpful... "to avoid a service call fee, you could sign up for a $4 monthly assurance plan". So you WONDER why I doubt them!

I so deserve that damn ipod.