More of the same from Barry Zito

The 2009 baseball season doesn’t get under way for another three weeks, but it’s already threatening to be another long one for the San Francisco Giants’ Barry Zito.

Add this to his last name – owner of the most onerous contract in the game today.

In 2007, the former Oakland Athletics left-hander crossed the bay, signing a seven-year deal with the Giants for $126 million. With the New York Yankees having completed their deal with oft-injured Carl Pavano (four years, $39.95 million … and 26 starts in pinstripes), Zito - a former Cy Young Award winner - now gives you the least bang for the buck.

In two seasons and with a minimum of 300 innings pitched, Zito is tied for the major league-lead with teammate Matt Cain for the most losses with 30. Zito’s 185 walks allowed in that span lead the National League and is second to Daniel Cabrera, now with the Washington Nationals.

Only 12 pitchers have had an ERA higher than Zito’s 4.83.

If the Giants could pawn Zito off, I’m sure they would jump at the chance. But which club in their right mind would take in a 30-year-old, regardless of his being a southpaw, who’s still owed $90 million and getting worse each season?

So far this spring for Zito? It’s been more of the same, and all bad. On Sunday, he gave up six runs and 10 hits in five innings of a loss to the Kansas City Royals.

"Honestly, you want to produce results and you want to come out and make a statement, and that's something that didn't go on today," Zito said. "I learned last year to not put too much stock into what else goes on outside the clubhouse and just to stay with my routine."

In four spring starts, Zito has allowed 11 earned runs in 13 2-3 innings – an ERA of 7.24 for those keeping score at home.

Guess he’s staying with the routine.

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Jessica, Mark & David said...

AUGHHHHHHH!!! Thank god I had a child so I'm too preoccupied to care about baseball for a while.