What goes on in Vegas ...

See, this is just another reason why I hate Gary Bettman. This story crossed on the wire at work earlier tonight:

¶ NEW YORK (AP) - The NHL is moving its annual awards show from Toronto to Las Vegas.
¶ Part of a three-year deal with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority announced Friday, this year's show will be held June 18 at the Palms Hotel.
¶ “Las Vegas specializes in shining the spotlight on outstanding performers,'' NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said. ``It's innate energy offers an exciting setting for our celebration of excellence.”

Two words. Bull. Shit.

So, again, you take this out of a traditional NHL market to a non-traditional one.

Like moving the Jets here. Or putting expansion teams here, here, and also here.

Nice going.

My condolences - again - to the people of Canada for taking another piece of what's precious to them.

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