Drop the puck

MORTON GROVE, Ill. -- You knew the boycott would not last long.

I know ... I swore up and down on a stack that when the NHL came back after the lockout, they would do so without me.

So what am I doing? Sitting in a new newsroom, a 13-inch television on my right hooked up to DirectTV with the Penguins-Devils game on.

If I am bored with watching the Sid & Marty Show, I can move on to the Red Wings-Blues game -- just in time for Pavel Datsyuk to light the lamp for the first time this season.

'Canes-Bolts. Caps-Jackets. Isles-Sabres. And anyone who knows me understand I will be watching the Edmontons, Vancouvers and Calgarys of the hockey world with much interest.

They're all back.

Yes, the 301-day lockout angered me, infuriated me because it took away one of the few things I actually care about.

But having it back, well, you know what they say ... bygones will be bygones. And it's a fairly safe bet that I will be going to games around the country -- San Jose almost certainly, maybe Denver and Edmonton as well. Living in Chicago now, there is almost no way I could say no to Detroit and St. Louis, too.

Welcome back, Hockey. Don't do this again.

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kansas brat said...

It could be said, though, that you are merely doing research for your job. And that job enables your weakness of will by putting the TV in your workspace.

She would can rationalize all kinds of bad behavior.