Taking a look at the landscape

You know you all have been waiting for this ...

1. The Indianapolis Colts will lose one game this season, a Monday night affair Nov. 28 against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

2. New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is growing up as a football player before our eyes. Check out his game-winning touchdown pass Sunday against the Denver Broncos.

3. The Norwich Navigators are no more -- the San Francisco Giants' Double-A team will now be known as the Connecticut Defenders. Silly name, sillier logo.

4. Bird flu has made it to Britain. It will be in the U.S. before the year is over.

5. Professional football will no longer be played in New Orleans. The NFL for the longest time has wanted to put a pro team back in Southern California and Hurricane Katrina has given them the perfect out to do so.

6. If New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin thinks his city will get the "Cleveland plan" when it comes to the Saints, guess again. Sad to say, but I think it will be a long time, if ever again, before pro sports is seen in the Crescent City.

7. The NBA's Hornets will eventually end up in Oklahoma City or, more likely, Kansas City for good.

8. White Sox in six. Shoeless Joe Jackson can rest in peace when it happens.

9. Biggest fraud in college football: Texas Tech. Way for the Lubbock Leaches to show up against Texas Saturday.

10. How many days until Bush leaves?


kansas brat said...

Not few enough. But at least he'll have a harder time getting his cronies on the court. That makes a liberal woman smile.

How'd you get to backdate your post?

kb said...

That would also be sweet if we could get an NBA team.

"Igor" said...

I didnt back date this on purpose ... I actullay wrote it Sunday night at work, but when I tried to send my machine froze. I then tried sending it from home, and my Mac froze. A couple days later, it went through. Who knew?