I like this kind of party!

Football Sundays are truly an event in this country. Some observations ...

1. I've been watching games as long as I can remember. I don't think I've seen a player take a harder hit than Kansas City quarterback Trent Green. When the words "severe head trauma" are used to describe an injured player, you know it's been a bad day.

I have to believe Green will not play next Sunday against Denver. That's definitely not a good thing for the Chiefs, who will be forced to put more pressure on running back Larry Johnson as he tries to find a new offensive lineman to block for him after Willie Roaf retired. Seventeen rushes for 68 yards just will not git 'er done, as it were.

2. During preseason games, Brett Favre said this year's Packer team was the most talented he's ever played for. If that's the case, what does he say after Green Bay's first shutout in 15 years?.

Seriously, "St. Brett" needs to call it a career. Now. He is a two-time Super Bowl winner and a Hall of Fame quarterback who put Wisconsin back on the NFL map for the first time since the Bart Starr era -- you thought I was going to bring up Don Majkowski? -- but now, he's in danger of just being a circus sideshow.

Back to Kiln, Miss., with you, Brett.

3. Manning vs. Manning. Enough.

There is such a thing as overkill. In case you didn't know, there are two brothers named Eli and Peyton who are starting quarterbacks. And -- this just gets better -- their father, Archie, also played in the NFL! As a starting quarterback! I mean, what are the odds??

Here are some facts to chew on ... a) Peyton Manning is a profilic passer in the mold of Dan Marino. Another trait they share is neither has won a Super Bowl. b) The jury is still out on Eli Manning. At times, he looks polished and poised, but sometimes, he plain looks lost. c) Archie Manning spent the bulk of his career in New Orleans on his back after being sacked.

4. Hey Houston, did you see Reggie Bush's debut? Are you sick yet?

The Heisman Trophy winner had 61 yards rushing on 14 attempts, caught eight passes for 58 yards and returned three punts for 22. That just showed a glimpse of what he's capable of. From the highlights I saw, Bush looked like he was close to doing something spectacular several times. He didn't quite pull it off, but he was close and it's going to be a matter of time before he makes opposing defenses look silly.

The Houston Texans passed on Bush to take North Carolina State defensive end Mario Williams with the top overall pick in the draft. Williams may be good in his own right down the road, but his name will forever be linked with Sam Bowie.

Bowie was selected some 20 years ago with the second overall pick in the NBA draft. Chicago, picking third, selected some skinny kid named Michael Jordan. How did that work out?

5. Just one baseball note, kids. How good is this guy? Ask the Tigers.

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kansas brat said...

Poor Farve... but thanks for the crotch shot pic!

I'm about to be physically ill at one more mention of the Manning brothers.

That Chiefs game sucked all the way around. The weather was crappy, my date got cranky after I was gone for an hour (to get him food I knew he was going to need before he fainted), and there was only one lane of traffic going through downtown KC to home.

But all was forgiven after we got home. I decided to go shopping at the mall, and even managed to pick up necessities for the house. I can work at the shoe store evenings this week and not let the boys starve.

Oh yeah, and there's two games Monday night. I won't even have to call and check on the older kid.