Terrell being Terrell

Frankly, I'm a little disappointed in T.O. that he didn't follow through.

Listening to Terrell Owens' press conference Wednesday, one night after his supposed suicide attempt, I can safely draw one conclusion. There is NO way this clown came remotely close to taking his own life. If he did, there would be no way Baylor Medical Center -- or any healthcare facility in America -- would release him without a full evaluation.

And no ... though some may think I would speak of this from experience, it's more common sense than anything.

"I want to apologize to the organization for this being a distraction," Owens said Wednesday at the end of a confusing half day capped by his explanation of what happened. "This is definitely an unfortunate situation."

He claimed that he mixed up his pills to deal with pain from surgery on his hand with a variety of supplements he takes daily. Reminds me of an old "Bloom County" cartoon where Opus mixed up toothpaste with Preparation H.

What is reprehensible by Owens, adding to a seemingly endless list, is feigning mental illness to make yet another "Look at me, I cannot be forgotten, I AM THE BEST DAMN FOOTBALL PLAYER IN THE GAME TODAY" grab for attention.

Is he feigning it though? Remember the run to midfield and stomp on the star at midfield of Texas Stadium following a touchdown years ago (and subsequent mauling by the Cowboys' George Teague)? Signing the football in the end zone on a Monday night game when he was with the Niners? The outlandish statements and interviews that have made him public enemy No. 1 in places in the Bay Area and Philadelphia? Sounds a little manic, perhaps.

In an effort to stay relevant, Owens has resorted to behavior that borders on ghoulish. That is more disgusting than anything he's done so far.

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