The 30-year foul ball

Anniversary time - 30 years (!) ago tonight, I caught a foul ball on the fly at Shea Stadium.

10:22 p.m., seventh inning, Mets vs. Phillies. Dale Murray pitching to Garry Maddox. I was sitting in field box 65K with my father, and Maddox hits a foul ball.

Keep in mind that at 13, I was pushing around 250-260. Somehow, I stood up on the seat as my father ducked behind me, and got my gloved hand up through the sea of other arms. Attendance that night, 8,667

I think the ball is still somewhere in my trunk.

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The Girl in Black said...

You were out past curfew, on a school night? Hooligan.

Well, I guess it may have actually been summer vacation. Still... You were likely up to no good.