Just one simple request

So, I'm sitting here watching the Cubs get ready to play the Marlins, and a woman named Tiffany Turner was on field to sing "God Bless America," and "The Star-Spangled Banner."

During her rendition, she utters the following: "...to the oceans, white with hope ..."

Hope? Try foam.

I have an idea for all these American Idol-wanna-bes - instead of trying to sound like you're angling for a recording contract, learn the words. It's not that difficult.


Anonymous said...

How do you know she didn't know the words, okay..she choked. It's called "being nervous", but I'm sure you've done something in front of 35,000 people before with no problem.

Andy L. said...

It's not asking a lot. Get the words right.

I love anonymous comments. So brave to post something, but not that brave, right?

Marcus W. said...

I understand, but does it really matter if post my name? Does that really change anything? What does that have to do with bravery?

Okay Andy L., I'm Marcus W.


Andy L. said...

And nothing, Marcus W., just like to know who I am dealing with.

Now, go find someplace else to play.

The Girl in Black said...

Oh my, dear... you're upsetting the Tiffany Turner fan club?

Downright scandalous.

Andy L. said...

Well, Marcus W. is either a Tiffany Turner fan, relative or employee.

I don't mind when people respond, but it doesn't change how I feel, and if he thinks that he can change it with his snide comments, it's clear then that he doesn't know me.

Ass clown. :)

Julie said...

Ass hat seems more fitting. He wasn't even funny.

Larry said...

you should hear some of the people they trot out at shea stadium for the anthem..