Growing pains

I did something today that I had never done before: bought furniture.

I'm not talking the Wal-Mart, Sauder, O'Sullivan disposable kind, either. And I started small: a loden, microfiber sofa from Value City of Niles, Ill. (Don Pardo voice -- total retail value, $599). Eventually, I will add an oversized chair to it, making it a living room set. I am also planning on a dinette set and bedroom set from there down the road.

This is uncharted territory for me. It also signals something I have pretty much surmised all along: I will know when the time is right to settle down.

I think the time is right, and I think Chicago and its suburbs will be my home from now on.

At 40, I can look back at the places I have lived in. Some were because I thought I would be able to start a new life there -- Minnesota (3 times!) Some were for work (Ardmore, Okla.; Joplin, Mo.; Pittsburgh; Norwich, Conn.) Some I still have now clue why (Perth Amboy, N.J.)

But the more I explore this area, the more I am liking it and the more I am seeing myself stay here. I've never really been able to say that with a lot of confidence. I'm even working on a plan to save money (ok, everyone can stop laughing now) to put money down on a place of my own. It will take several years, but it will happen.

So what is this? A new phase of life? Time to grow up finally? I'm open to suggestions.

What do you think? I'd like to know.


kansas brat said...

::sniff, sniff:::

My baby is growing up!

Please Lord, let the furniture be of good taste. Just say no to pleather, bachelor boy.

The Goddess would be proud of you. Speaking of which.. I know something you don't know! Neener, neener, neener!

At least, I think I do. I may have already told you. My memory is not so good these days.

The Secular Middle said...

Of course you haven't been through a Windy City Winter yet.

I'm surprised that hasn't been used as the name of a team yet - Heeeere's your Winnnnnnnnnndy Ciiiiiiity Winnnnnnnnnter!