Even the Worldwide Leader is due for a fall

I wanted to call your attention to this Web site (and if you have to copy and paste it, well, Life is hard, now isn't it ...): http://www.everydayshouldbesaturday.com/?p=1406

Let it never be said that I am not one for taking a dim view of the industry that I work in. Don't get me wrong: I love sports. More often than not, I show up to work early because I thrive on the energy in a newsroom and if it is a sports newsroom, so much the better.

The words of co-worker Chris Altruda come to mind: "We get paid for this??" Yes, we do. I mean, to have a job where I can have five hockey/baseball/football games around me cannot be all that bad, no?

But there institution that seemed to start the sports revolution has become way too big and has always been way too full of itself. I am talking about ESPN, the pride of Bristol, Conn.

(As an aside, having worked briefly in nearby New Britain, Conn., I chuckle when I hear those contests that say you can way a trip to the campus of Bristol University ... there is nothing in Bristol worth seeing -- period.)

When ESPN started some 26 years ago, it was a great idea. An all-sports network. Seems like a match made in heaven for the all-around fan. Now, it has been something of a joke, and the blog -- to which I hope you have now seen -- simply points this out: ESPN is EVIL.

Here are some things to consider, courtesy of the Everyday Should Be Saturday blog ...

3. Stuart Scott. His poetry slam two days ago didn't happen, because if we did admit it, then we'd wake up crying in a ball in the corner struck by the sadness of what has become Sportscenter.

My take: I call Stuart Scott "DJ Stewie Stew," but let's be realistic -- Stewie is employed by ESPN to relate to those in tha' Hood regardless of race. I have never seen him do anything that remotely resembles journalism. And making "Boo-YAH!" a catch phrase doesn't count either.

34. Mark May. The youngest disciple of the (Mike) Gottfried school of broadcasting, a nasty, choleric presence on the screen whose vagina-pelt-looking goatee only added to his dislikeable on-air demeanor. Makes pure evil presence of Lou Holtz seem agreeable in comparison.

My take: This is what happens when you let former players/coaches/executives become members of the media. The thinking may be, "Well he (or she) can get us information we would never have access to otherwise."

This, plantively, is bullshit, and makes me think of another line, this from the character Al Giardello, played by Yaphet Kotto, is the old "Homicide: Life of the Street" show on NBC -- "JUST DO YOUR JOB!" In journalism, that sometimes means beating the bushes to get your story and not relying on cronies and the like.

40. ESPNU. Not even sure what this is, but it's unknown and strange -- therefore by instinct we must hate it.

My take: Has anyone even seen this on their cable systems? I believe it is a portion of the network dedicated to college athletics -- you know, like the pros, but without the multimillion dollar deals in the open?

The network has evolved and eventually morphed into something that wouldn't even recognize what it once was. ESPN2. ESPN News. ESPN the Magazine. ESPNU. What's next? ESPN the water? ESPN the contraceptive? ESPN the floor covering? It has become slightly comedic. OK, make that very comedic.

I used to work for a division of ESPN called SportsTicker that was based in New Jersey. I often referred to Ticker as ESPN's bastard child, meaning it was acknowledged, but that was as far as the relationship went. I worked for some interesting characters: Jim Morganthaler, who once suspended me for 2 days because I laughed at him. Executive style is that of a cold brick. ... Anthony "Tony Miles" Mormile, a gangster wanna-be, and at about 500 pounds, I am still wondering 1) how he has not died of heart disease and 2) why anyone would put up with this asshole on any job. As racist as they come.

It takes a certain type of person to work for the mothership in Bristol. After two stints, it was clear I was not that kind of person. And for that, I am thankful.

What do you think? I'd like to know.


kansas brat said...

And here you thought you'd have nothing to write about.

Oh, and I still thought ABC was the worldwide leader in sports. Isn't that what they said during their "the agony of defeat" thing before the Saturday sports coverage?

Or maybe I've just been subjected to too much Sportscenter, and I'm brainwashed.

ESPN is becoming the same joke as MTV. Good initial concept, but they've veered FAR off course.

kansas brat said...

Another post? Maybe? Bueller?

kansas brat said...

Dude! I've had to deal with plumbing problems and a computer restore... yet still found time to post something within the last week.

Where you at?