This old dog

The Montreal Canadiens retired Yvan Cournoyer's No. 12 Saturday night.

To 99 and 44/100ths of the free world, that would not seem like much of a big deal. To hockey fans, especially those of my generation, it is.

Actually, for the first time in the Canadiens' storied history, they retired a number for two players. Cournoyer -- nicknamed "The Roadrunner" -- played from 1963-79. Prior to that, Dickie Moore played pour les Habitants from 1951-63. Between them, they led Montreal to 16 Stanley Cups.

I also, for a moment anyway, realized my own mortality. I watched as the lights in the Bell Centre came up and Cournoyer walked to a podium to address the crowd. I was shocked at how old he was.

Now, I have to remind myself that Cournoyer was born in 1943 -- the year after the U.S. got involved in World War II. That would make him 62 today. Players I grew up watching -- the Cournoyers, Espositos, Orrs and the like -- are all bucking for Social Security now.

Should I be surprised? Not really. I'm 40 -- "old fart-ville" as someone in San Francisco said to me this week. It doesn't really bother me getting older ... I thought it would be worse. Finding another grey hair in the goatee or feeling the bones creak a little more when I get out of bed is in the worst thing in the world.

I could be Yvan Cournoyer. And soon enough, I will be that age.

What do you think? I'd like to know.


kansas brat said...

Aging is inevitable. Maturity is optional. So says the gospel of the Goddess.

Besides, you'll never be the oldest person you know. Think of the Goddess Camille!

I could be more cruel, but it's early in the day. I'm still fairly kindhearted.

And I don't want to be too mean to you, since you added a new post. Now I don't have Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror" song running through my brain all day. Oy!

kansas brat said...

You're not getting old.

The fact that you just made a move halfway across the nation, bought new quality furniture, and a new sporty car are just coincidential.

All recently-40 years old guys do that, don't they?


kansas brat said...

When is this old dog gonna come rolling home?

I know, I ain't been doing much better on my blog.

But the Chiefs are WINNING, biatch!

Granted, they are playing the Texans. Poor QB Carr. If he took his wedding ring off, maybe the poor kid would play better. Bwah!