Been a couple of days, but I needed some time to recover from the trip to St. Louis ... I'm getting too old for this driving 700 miles in one day.

Got to see the Cardinals beat up on the Tigers -- and make it look prety easy at the same time too. Not really a whole lot to report on. At least not now ... just in one of those lulls where I don't feel much like writing about this.

Game 4 was washed out by rain Wednesday, and there are no guarantees they'll play tonight.

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kansas brat said...

And you *wonder* why I nag for you to fly!

Though I am prety mean to pick on you while you're recovering.

From scoring FREE tickets.


For a team you actually LIKE.

At their HOME stadium.

Now I think about it... no compassion for you, old man!

Hugs and kisses, from me

: P