Taking wing in Arizona

It's just the end of the first quarter, but this guy is turning out to be pretty good.

Facing the highest-scoring offense and one of the best defenses in the NFL on Monday night, Matt Leinart is poised, confident, generally, all of the traits a former Heisman Trophy winner from Southern California should be. Think the Jets aren't kicking themselves for picking him at No. 4? Or the Bills at No. 8? Or the Lions at No. 9?

Even if Arizona loses this game -- and that's not out of the realm of possibility -- Leinart has showed in one 15-minute span that he is capable of leading an NFL team. Earlier this week, longtime NFL starter Kurt Warner said he is considering retirement after the season. I say, why wait? Arizona had Leinart fall into its laps at the draft. In 1 1/2 games, he's shown more than any Cards QB has since the days when this guy was slinging the ball.

If this continues tonight, these pundits may throw themselves off the Sears Tower on Tuesday. Jurko, though, would be a loss.

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