Bad week

It was not exactly the best week for Bob Huggins or Lawrence Phillips, now was it?

Huggins will not forget the name Nancy Zimpher anytime soon. Zimpher, the president of the University of Cincinnati, apparently had enough of Coach Huggins. The fact that Huggins put Cincinnati hoops on the map notwithstanding, Zimpher had enough of subpar graduation rates and numerous arrests over the years -- including Huggins' own for DUI a year ago.

"We expect to recruit very strong students on the court and in the classroom," Zimpher said in a recent interview with the Cincinnati Post. "We expect our coaches to be role models, and we expect our students to be role models. I will not apologize for setting high standards."

I, for one, applaud her. It seems many other college presidents would not have looked at the low percentage of student-athletes graduating. They would have focused on the 399 career wins and the 14 straight NCAA appearances.

Zimpher had none of that. She left Huggins with two choices. Resign or be fired. No middle ground.

You go, girl.

Phillips ... now that's another story.

In March 1997, I wrote a column when I was working for a small paper in Oklahoma. In that piece, I referred to Phillips as a punk for humming as he was led away for a 30-day jail sentence for violating his probation stemming from the assault of a female basketball player at the University of Nebraska.

At the time, I said he should work in rehabilitating his life. Now 30 years old and as far away from a spot in the NFL as I am, it seems nothing has changed. The Associated Press reported this week Phillips -- already wanted for domestic violence (big shock, I know) -- allegedly ran a car into three teens after a pick-up football game.

Oh yeah, the car was reported stolen. Phillips also said he wouldn't be taken peacefully, the report said.

Maybe it's time for him to do some hard time. Perhaps a judge will do for Phillips what Zimpher did for Huggins.

For those curious enough to read the column, it's at:

What do you think? I'd like to know.


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