Death knell, anyone?

Bread and pasta eaters, rejoice. Same for fruit and veggie folk. You are free once again.

The company started by the late nutrition guru Dr. Robert C. Atkins to promote a low-carb lifestyle filed for bankruptcy court protection Monday, a further sign of the waning popularity of the diet.

The company, Atkins Nutritionals, Inc., which sells Atkins-brand nutrition bars, shakes and candy as well as offering low-carb diet information, has been hurt by waning popularity of its namesake approach, which focuses on eliminating carbohydrates such as bread and pasta to shed weight.

According to an AP report, the diet became one of the most popular in U.S. history, spawning a virtual cottage industry of low-carb regimens — but also drew criticism from experts for its focus on fatty foods and low fruit and vegetable consumption.

About time, too. This craze went on far too long.

Has anyone out there had any success with this? Failure? Your thoughts?

What do you think? I'd like to know.


The Secular Middle said...

What we need is The Garlic Diet.

Kate said...

My supervisor lost 40 pounds on Aitkens but everything came to a halt. She hit a plateau. She switched gears; she changed to Weight Watchers and she's been losing ever since.

Personally, I think Aitkens is very unhealthy.

kansas brat said...

One of the girls at work did. She lost a lot of weight, quickly.

But she also had nasty hair and looked like ten miles of bad road.

Or it might have been the result of her just being a Queen Huz-a-lot.


Miss Kettle.

The Girl in Black said...

no garlic!

How about something with a little more iron in it?

perky and plump brat said...

The Atkins diet will make you smell. Too much protein and fat. No enough veggies and carbs to keep your skin elastic.

I'd rather sizzle out in the sun, than shrivel up like jerky.


Princess Porks-a-lot

Kate said...


No recent updates? Writers block?