PC taken up -- or down -- to a new level?

Face it, folks: we screwed over the native Americans.

I am not going to go all chapter and verse how it was done. My problem is this ruling the NCAA came out with this week: it would prohibit teams with nicknames, symbols or mascots considered "hostile or abusive" from hosting NCAA postseason events.

The NCAA also will not allow such nicknames or symbols to be on team uniforms or clothing in NCAA postseason competition beginning Feb.1.

This is the most pressing thing on the NCAA's minds?? Please.

Max B. Osceola Jr. of the Seminole tribal council may have put it most succinctly in an article written by Steve Ellis of the Tallahassee Democrat

"It's like history -- they left the natives out," Osceola said. "They have non-natives telling natives what's good for them or how they should use their name. You have a committee made up of non-natives telling people that they can not use a native name when you have a native tribe -- a tribal government, duly elected and constituted - that said they agree with Florida State."

As far as I can tell, there is ONE offensive nickname in sports -- the Redskins. Yes, it is akin to calling a team the New York Negroes. (BTW, yes, the St. John's Redmen was an offensive name -- I'm just not sure Red Storm is much better.)

Ask yourself: are the Fighting Sioux from the University of North Dakota offensive? The University of Utah Utes? Last I checked, these were names of tribes. Proud names.

Florida State president T.K. Wetherell was livid over the decision.

"You're not going to put the name Seminoles on the scoreboard but you put the Hooters girls on it. That's just stupid.
... It's just frustrating that they don't deal with issues more important to the athletes (instead of) grandstanding on this," Wetherell said in the Democrat.

My guess is there will still be the Fightin' Illini, the Fighting Sioux, the Seminoles and the Rainbow Warriors come Feb. 1.

What do you think? I'd like to know.


The Secular Middle said...

Not to mention the Notre Dame leprechaun, which I think is a hell of a lot worse.

kansas brat said...

As long as the Hooters girls stay on the billboard, fans will (albeit begrudgingly) accept any name change.

kansas brat said...

Any updates? Bueller?

Or are you still recovering from the Pamela Anderson roast on TV Sunday night?