Washington Follies

Thinking of something a friend of mine said a couple weeks ago, and now I am starting to wonder ... maybe Bush is a war criminal. It's clear he is an idiot.

According to The Associated Press, Bush Monday morning sidestepped the Senate and installed embattled nominee John Bolton as ambassador to the United Nations, ending a five-month impasse with Democrats who accused Bolton of abusing subordinates and twisting intelligence to fit his conservative ideology.

"This post is too important to leave vacant any longer, especially during a war and a vital debate about UN reform," Bush said. He said Bolton had his complete confidence.

Great ... so G-Dub has another of his men in place to bully and cow the rest of the world.

Can someone explain to me what this war is really about? Stopping terror? Oil? Osama? 21st Century colonialization?

What do you think? I'd like to know.


The Secular Middle said...

It's about three things:

1. Oil
2. Revenge against "the man who tried to kill my daddy." Makes sense: put 140000 men and women in harm's way to service a personal vendetta.
3. Oil.

There were valid reasons to overthrow Saddam Hussein. They were, however, insufficient reason to take our eyes off Afghanistan. And I might have a different opinion of the Imbecile-In-Chief if he'd given those reasons in the first place instead of the falsified intelligence most of the public gobbled up willingly.

Come back Bill. All is forgiven.

Kate said...

Being that I am a huge George Bush supporter AND like you, Igor, I'll bite my tongue. :)

The Girl in Black said...

I thought the "war" actually was rebranded to something like "the exercise on insurgent behavior".

So it's pretty ballsy for W to come out and say he needed to install Bolton due to "war".

Todd's right on. Other than Clinton's probably getting more tail now than ever. He won't want to go back to being a public servant.

Sorry Kate. About that liking Bush thing. Too many years of research and analysis will let me whole-heartedly believe much of anything anyone says. Much less anyone in politics or public office.

My own (red) state can't work for the common good. I can only imagine what klusterfook legislation on a federal level must be.