Bling Crosby

So much for the dream of Sidney Crosby playing on the biggest stage in the world. Instead, perhaps the best hockey player to come out of juniors in a couple decades -- barring any trades or just general stupidity -- will be playing in Pittsburgh.

Having been in Mellon Arena a few times, it's a step down from many junior rinks Sid the Kid played in.

Now, comes the problem for the Penguins. They need a new arena in the worst way possible or, plain and simple, they will move (Portland? Cincinnati? Houston? Milwaukee? Seattle? Dare I say Winnipeg??)

In an article by Dave Molinari of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "The Penguins' prospects for a new arena are tied to the awarding of the license to operate a Downtown slots parlor. Whether adding Crosby to the roster will impress any bureaucrats in Harrisburg remains to be seen, but owner Mario Lemieux said, 'It's not going to hurt, obviously.'"

Judging from the crush of people calling in for tickets and soon donning black, white and Vegas gold jerseys with No. 87 on the back, Mellon will have regular sellouts again just like in the glory days of Lemieux, Jagr, etc.

What do you think? I'd like to know.


hockey groupie wannabe said...

There may yet be hope for hockey.

Or Pittsburg is trying to woo you back to the "armpit of the nation".

Be strong, brother. You're in a much better place.

Wyatt Earp said...

Although I was born and raised in Philly, I've been a Pens fan since high school (about 18 years). The addition of Crosby has me elated, but the circumstances around the "lottery" annoy me. I can see where the NHL was headed - they wanted Sid in Broadway Blue, but I am glad Super Mario now has bargaining room.

As for the Winnipeg comment - I'm all for it. I can break out my Selanne jersey again!

"Igor" said...

Selanne? No ... you have to break out one of the old Jets jerseys from those really bad teams in the late 70s and early 80s.

Maybe Randy Carlyle's No. 8. Or Moe Mantha's No. 6. Or ... for all the bad goalies out there .. Markus Mattson's No. 35.