Sound off ...

1. Lance Armstrong? 55-second lead? Chill the bubbly and just give him the Tour de France now.

2. Is there any other food that is a better guilty pleasure than barbecue?

3. Free Judith Miller and stop slapping the First Amendment around.

4. Portland and Seattle are just 175 miles apart. New Blazers coach Nate McMillan will find them worlds apart.

5. Was there a more scripted, insincere attempt at an apology than what Kenny Rogers delivered Wednesday? Sounds like the Rangers' media relations department drew that one up.

6. Time's Matt Cooper folds up faster than a beach chair during a hurricane. You may want to reconsider that career choice.

7. Imagine William Wallace at the G-8 Summit going on now in Scotland. Claymore anyone?

8. The NHL is expected to have a new deal in place sometime next week. To quote Billy Crystal from "Running Scared" -- "Right, and I'm Walter Payton."

9. The NFL exhibition season starts in 30 days. I can hold out. Maybe.

10. Alton Brown is right ... there is nothing like the taste of a farmstand tomato.

What do you think? I'd like to know.


The Secular Middle said...

There is nothing like a big, ripe farmstand tomato...especially if it's sprinkled with a little kosher salt and drizzled with olive oil. Mmmm....

But what do you know about barbecue? You still live Up North, where barbecue is a verb meaning "to cook outdoors".

The Secular Middle said...

By the way, I just read your profile, including favorite music. Didn't you forget to add "anything on the Shrapnel Records label"?

kansas brat said...

Not only did you write yet another clever and entertaining article dear...

But you've brighten my day with thoughts of soldiers.


the shameless uniform hussy

kb said...

PS: trying linking a porn star less famous than Brianna Banks. Might not take as much effort.


"Igor" said...

Todd ... youve just never been to Lumpy's in Joplin. :) NYC needs a good KC-style BBQ joint.