Outta there!

Here's something baseball commissioner Bud Selig doesn't hear often: Way to go! (You thought I was going to say "No, that hair looks completely natural.")

Selig Wednesday denied Kenny Rogers' appeal of his 20-game suspension for shoving two cameramen. David Ginsburg of The Associated Press reported Selig "deemed the behavior of the Texas Rangers' pitcher to be 'wholly unacceptable.'"

The commissioner, who heard Rogers' appeal last Friday in Milwaukee, said the suspension would begin with Wednesday night's against Baltimore. Meanwhile, the players' association said it will pursue a grievance before an arbitrator to overturn the penalty.

What Rogers needs to remember in all this is he not only embarrassed himself with all this, but he embarrassed his employer -- who has been strangely quiet throughout. If you, I, or the average Joe Schmo did something egregious, like Rogers did, while representing our company, you can bet we would no longer have jobs.

Hmmmm ... I guess in trying to keep pace in the AL West, Texas is willing to overlook just about anything. With a 3-10 record since the All-Star break heading into Wednesday's matchup, it really wouldn't matter much for the Rangers now.

What do you think? I'd like to know.


kansas brat said...

From the perspective of the evil empire of corporate: you have only slightly less liberty there than if you were in the military.

By working for corporate, if you want to quit and walk away, you can't be thrown in jail. But you're still property. And lord forbid, you don't want to appear an inappropriate employee. Especially in front of a client or potential client. Even if the client is a obnoxious boob that begs to be verbally beat upon the heads and shoulders.

I even had to argue to get my bar tab reimbursed from the last business trip. So I drank my dinner the first night we were there? Those Caribbean Martinis were damn smoooooth.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Yes; if you are an employee... getting paid... don't embarrass the hand feeding you.
Then if you get called on it, don't be a schmuck. The more you puff and posture, trying to defend yourself, the dumber you look.

Rogers would have been forgiven in a hurry if he had simply manned-up and apologized. Our society is all for rationalizing bad behavior, categorizing it, and moving on.

"Igor" said...

Wow ... a regular reader! :)

kansas brat said...

And I don't even pimp my own blog! Especially since you were kind enough to link me. ;)