Wow (!!!)

OK, I may come off sounding like a goof. Well, no more so than usual ... but I don't care.

I went out to dinner Friday night with a woman named Tracy who I met through an online site. Tracy is a lawyer who works in Washington, D.C. (I don't want to give too many details about where she works or exactly what she does for obvious reasons, OK? OK.)

It was a pleasant dinner with really good conversation. She is originally from Long Island -- even went to school a couple towns over from me when I lived in Queens, N.Y. She's very attractive, smart -- make that *scary* smart (there were times I didn't think I'd be able to keep up with her -- and I love a good challenge).

We've agreed to go out again -- another pleasant surprise.

So why, gentle reader, should you care about a first date? Think back to some of your first dates and not the ones that ended awkwardly -- or disastrously -- neither. Remember how you felt, how happy or excited you were.

It's an underrated feeling, as far as I'm concerned. And it's pretty damn nice too.

What do you think? I'd like to know.

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kansas brat said...

I think that you really enjoyed yourself... for a change!

And I also think that I'm very excited for you!

:::doing the happy dance, and hoping not to throw out my back:::

You go, boy! I hope Ms. Tracy provides an exciting challenge for you for a long time! I can't wait to hear more about her.