It's just a bulb!

Someone explain something to me ... now, I like to cook and I like things like onions and garlic.

But when I watch Emeril (which isn't often -- he's about 5 minutes past his 15), someone PLEASE explain to me why the audience insists on hooting and hollering when he adds "gaah-lic" to everything.

And I mean everything: Confit. Pineapple. Coffee. Doesn't matter.

Just my two cents.

When do you think? I'd like to know.


The Girl in Black said...

As a child of the night, garlic is bad for me.

It also should not be used any more than it absolutely has to. While it may "enhance" the flavor, it will also "dehance" the number of friends and associates you talk to after eating.

Ew! Is that why Emeril had to resort to pimping toothpaste?

Kate said...

My granny came from Italy; everything had garlic in it.

I married (and divorced) an Italian. When I cooked, everything had garlic in it.

When I went to his parents for dinner, you guessed it, everything had garlic in it.

I don't mind it much, but it's defnitely got to be in moderation.

BTW, Emeril is a twit.

The Secular Middle said...

It's great in kasha varnishkes.