Thanks, but ...

Live 8 has come and gone. Musicians around the world have focused the spotlight on Africa, how it is being suffocated by crushing debt, how HIV and AIDS are ravaging the continent.

Now, the question. Will all the posturing do any good?

I'm cynical: I doubt much more will be done after the concerts.

Consider this from -- of all people -- Muammar Qaddafi via The Associated Press: he told African nations to stop "begging" from the rich and to cooperate more in a blunt speech before a summit of the continents' leaders Monday.

"Pleading to the G-8 to lift debts won't make a future for Africa," Qaddafi, wearing his traditional robes, said.

Has the temperature dropped in Hell or am I just feeling a chill?

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kb said...

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"Igor" said...

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kb said...

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